Most locals will tell you there really isn’t anything like our drink menu in town. For us,it’s about the details. If you’re going to sit down to an Asian fusion meal,with the freshest ingredients and traditional flavors, you expect your cocktail options to follow suit.

Our drink menu truly is an extension of our dining menu. We’ve created it with same health-centered, whole-foods focus in mind. We select herbs and berries— such as ginseng, green tea, and goji berries—for the fresh, natural flavors as well as for the health benefits.

Our Lychee Gimlet features real lychee fruit and juice. Native to southeastern China and now cultivated in many tropical and subtropical locations around the world, the sweet, juicy fruit is an excellent source of Vitamin C. A delicious summer drink after a day on the trail.

The Mint To Be cocktail is the perfect way to warm up on one of Bozeman’s cold, snowy winter evenings. We infuse white rum with green tea and add honey, fresh lime,and mint. But, really, why wait for winter for a drink this good?

Named after Sweet Chili co-owner Fei Zhang, the Fei Dunaway features Godiva chocolate liqueur and Stolichnaya vodka. As sweet as Fei and a perfect cocktail any time of year.

Take a peek at our full list of cocktails.